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Treatments carried out at our centre are normally covered by most insurance companies

We are a full member of IAAT


Just a bit (well maybe more than a bit) of background to Woof ‘n’ Water Ltd.

The centre is run by Lee Rudge with assistance from members of staff.

We set up our Hydrotherapy pool back in July 2000, after two years of research and trawling all over the country visiting the limited number of pools that were available back then. We were looking to set up our own pool and run it to a high standard as some pools we went to were not very nice places, although there were some exceptional ones. Lee has always been more interested in how a dog works rather than how pretty it is, so hydrotherapy was a good start.

After we had been running for a few years Lee wished to extend his knowledge. As the only courses available for Hydrotherapy were, and still are, just introductory ones, these were of no use. Lee first went on a Sports Injuries in Dogs course. Lee then contacted The College of Animal Physiotherapy and convinced them of his dedication and ability to train as a Physiotherapist. After attending their selection course, he was accepted and went on to train with them and pass his Post Graduate Certificate in Animal Physiotherapy. During his Physio training, Lee was also invited by local vets to ‘sit in’ on several operations, so he could better appreciate what happens when repairing cruciates, breaks etc.

Lee now provides training for The College of Animal Physiotherapy.

We have also both completed the obligatory Water Management course and First Aid courses & refreshers.

That’s the Qualification stuff, the more ‘Human Stuff’ is below if you can face reading on.

We both come from a very doggy background. We started off breeding and showing Bullmastiffs and were both on the committee of the British Bullmastiff League, with Lee being the Secretary for a while.

We then looked into the Dogue De Bordeaux breed which was just being introduced back into the UK and acquired our first Girl Xena. We were then invited to help run the Dogue De Bordeaux Club of Great Britain - Carol was the Secretary of this. We were instrumental in getting the breed recognised & registered by the Kennel Club, which led to people being able to show their Bordeaux in this country.

Over the years we have both judged dogs at various shows, Lee being especially fond of this, as conformation & movement is one of his specialties. We have traveled a lot of miles in this country looking at dogs and visiting different Kennels. We have also been to dog shows in Europe, including the World Show to extend our knowledge. Lee has visited many of the top kennels for Dogue De Bordeaux & Cane Corso in Italy, France, Holland & Hungary.


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