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Customer Comments

Treatments carried out at our centre are normally covered by most insurance companies

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Some of our Customer comments:

Zoe & Mark Taylor - Jay Jay (Labrador) - It was not so long ago we were in a situation when we were given so much controversial Advice from so many people (so called professionals) and did not know who to believe or trust, but we put our trust in you guys and over the few weeks of  having the pleasure to get to know you guys its clear you only have one persons interest in mind and that’s the dogs, Jay Jay is getting stronger by the day and we are certain this would have took a lot longer or might not of even happened if it was not for Woof’n’Water, the work and time you have spent with Jay Jay reflects in Him, he is now starting to enjoy his life as a 14 month old Lab should do, its ironic how Lee stated Jay Jay did not need painkillers but the Vets insisted we put him on them…. 1 week later Jay Jay is off the painkillers as per a specialist, funny this what Lee originally said.

I hope you post this on your website because there is a clear and simple message to people whose Dogs might need Hydrotherapy or Physiotherapy “the people at Woof’n’Water will always want what’s best for you and your dog and not there bank balance” Many Thanks Again,

Mr. & Mrs Taylor - Mac & Jock (Scottish Terriers) - I would like to thank you for the extra quality of life you have undoubtedly given to Mac & Jock over the past 5 & 3 years respectively. Its not easy to gain a Scotties trust, but you have both accomplished it with ease... twice! Thanks to Carol’s excellent grooming skills, we now have the added bonus of being able to bring in two scruffs and take away two toffs. It makes life a lot easier being able to do it all in one visit. Long may it continue. Thanks again.

Mrs Crawford & Diva (Dobermann) - ‘I can only respect and trust your wealth of knowledge, on multiple canine issues, developed through many years experience, as you unselfishly and freely share this to help others for the love of all dogs. We thank you for your endless hard work (mostly in unsociable hours). Diva looks forward to many more swims in the future - she just loves it!’

Mr & Mrs Weaver & Max (Springer) - ‘Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your care of Max over the last 12 months, before and after his operation. There’s no way his recovery would have been so good and quick if it hadn’t been for his regular swim sessions’

Mr & Mrs Kimber-Halford & Ollie (Labrador) - I first took my 5 yr old Labrador (Ollie) to Woof n Water after she suffered a Cruciate Ligament tear and subsequently required an operation to repair the knee. This made walking very difficult for Ollie as her movement was very limited and complete rest was ordered by the vet for at least 6 weeks. We also had the problem that Ollie needed to increase her muscle mass and strength to prevent additional strain on her other leg. Even walking was out of the question for at least 6 weeks with no excessive movement for 2 months. So, we decided to give Hydrotherapy a try at Woof n Water, which was the best thing that we could have done for Ollie. It has been 4 months since her operation and she has come on leaps & bounds. Ollie regained her strength in the injured leg at an incredible rate due to the hydrotherapy. Also, being a Labrador her weight was an issue, especially as she could not exercise. Since going to hydrotherapy she has shed her additional pounds and is fitter than ever! Thanks to the Team at Woof n Water I have my VERY energetic Ollie back!!!!

Mr & Mrs Parker & Toby (Crossbreed) - ‘Thank you for being so kind to Toby. He really enjoyed his swimming. You prolonged his life for us.’

Mr & Mrs Rickhuss & Jake (Springer) - ‘Thanks for helping Jake to recovery & not needing an operation!!’

Mr & Mrs Mole & Barney (Labrador)- ‘I have no doubt in my mind that the hydrotherapy, along with his medication and other treatments, helped buy Barney more time, and certainly made him much more comfortable in those 2 years of his life when the arthritis became more advanced. So thank you very much for your caring help and support, we really appreciate what you did for Barney.’

Mr Horler & Monty (Labrador) - ‘Thank you for helping to make my leg better.’

Mr & Mrs Parkes & Judge (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) - ‘Thank you for everything you did for Judge, your care & advice was greatly appreciated & we are grateful to you for the extra time you gave us with him.’

Mr & Mrs Ferriday & Caddy (Jack Russell) - ‘We just wanted to say thank you for all the care, help and support you gave Caddy over the last few years.’


All the above comments are taken from customers genuine letters/cards & are available to be viewed at the premises if requested.

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