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At Woof ‘n’ Water Ltd, we’ve one our best to create a Web site that anticipates and satisfies our customers needs. With that goal in mind, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 0121 558 5020 0r email Woof ‘n’ Water

Q: Can I just turn up with my dog?
A: No, all dogs need to have a prior booking, they also need a Client Referral form completed by their vet (see Hydrotherapy page to download this). This ensures we know what conditions/injuries the dog has & also that the vet is happy for the dog to receive Hydrotherapy/Physiotherapy. It is an offence for any person, other than the owner of the animal, to treat an animal unless the permission of the vet in charge of the case or to whom the animal would be referred is sought and obtained.

Q: Do you use any chemicals in your pool?
A: We use Chlorine as a sanitiser this is kept to approved levels & the pool water is of a ‘Human’ standard. In the many years we have been running we have yet to encounter a dog with any adverse reactions to this. In fact some dogs with allergies or skin problems have shown an improvement. We also swim many show dogs where coat quality is important & again they have had no detrimental effect.

Q: What qualifications do you hold?
A: Lee holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Animal Physiotherapy. This qualification is equivalent to degree level and was undertaken over an 18month period. To take this course, you first have to show the required skills to become a physiotherapist and be selected by the college. It is not a course anyone can just decide to go on.

Q: You do not say that you are a Qualified Hydrotherapist as I have seen on others people’s adverts?
A: This is because as yet there are no Qualifications to take in Hydrotherapy so you cannot be a qualified hydrotherapist, there are only accredited courses which last approx 2-3 days. This is why I took the Post Graduate course, which I felt was more worthwhile.

Q: Should I feed my dog prior to their swim?
A: We advise that you shouldn’t feed your dog for approx 3 hours before a swim, and for at least 1 hour after.

Q: How long will the hydrotherapy session be?
A: This is totally dependent on the dog itself, all sessions are tailored to the individual dog. We do not impose a fixed time - this could be detrimental to the dog. You are normally with us for approx. 30 minutes although the dog is not in the water for this length of time.

Q: My dog is a good swimmer & can swim for longer than 30 minutes, so why is their session shorter?
A: It is much easier for a dog to ‘Free Swim’ than it is to swim in our pool, in a hydro pool they have to use a lot more energy, the water is warm & thus tire quickly.

Q: My dog does not like water/has not swum before, what happens if they can’t swim?
A: Most dogs take to swimming easily although the first few sessions can be a bit splashy as they find their own ‘Style’. All new dogs will have some form of buoyancy aid on whilst in the pool. All dogs will have a harness on - this is so we can get your dog out quickly in event of an emergency - also hydrotherapy needs to be controlled to ensure dogs do not aggravate any injury. Dogs without any control can injure themselves.

Q: Will I have to dry my own dog?
A: After each session, your dog will be showered & dried as much as possible. We have blasters, hair dryers and towels to ensure that most of the water is removed from their coats. Dogs may not always be completely dry - please bring something to protect your car - seat covers & specialised dog coats can be purchased from ourselves.

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